Hi and Welcome to Camp AH-HA where At Home History Adventures begin!

We are here to help you through with on line projects, ideas, suggestions and more to keep learning and fun growing together at home.
Stop back each weekday as we post more projects you can do at home!

Note to parents/at home instructors:  There are no wrong ways to do any of our projects.  The process is part of the fun!  Your projects may not look like anyone else’s but the experience together will be where the learning takes place.

 Day 1: Family Tree Project:  Because each family is unique and different.  Celebrate what makes your family special and create your own family tree! Click here for full instructions!

Day 2: What’s It Wednesday: Artifacts:  Did you know things around us every day can tell a Story?  Click here for our new post!

Day 3:  Throwback Thursday:  Let’s make a log cabin! Click here for more info!

Day 4:  Foodie Friday:  Better Butter: The fun, history and science of butter making you can do at home! Click here for the scoop!

Day 5:  Make-it Monday: Old-Fashioned Games:  Let’s make some fun! Click here for make at home fun!

Day 6:  Tech-Tuesday: The Phone Game: We switched it up today. Click here to open our Facebook Page and See Camp Counselor Sarah in Action

Day 7: What’s It Wednesday: You’re a Curator!:  You get to step into our shoes and create your own museum! Click here to find out how!

Day 8: Throwback Thursday: Celebrating Sylvania’s Own Lathrop House:  You will learn a bit of history behind Sylvania’s Lathrop House and the important role it played in the Underground Railroad. Click here to learn more about the Lathrop House We have bonus puzzles today:  Be sure not to peak at the answer sheets before trying your best! word search; lathrop house crossword; word search answers; Lathrop House answer key;  And finally a reading list! Click here for a list of books for students of all ages

Day 9: It’s Food Friday!  Today Camp Counselor Sarah shows us how to make noodles.   Click here for a link to the video on our Facebook page!

Day 10:  Make It Monday: Native American Musical Instruments: Today we learn a bit about Eastern Woodland musical instruments and challenge you to make your own musical instruments at home! Click here to start your musical adventure!

Day 10:  Tech Tuesday: The Telegraph!:  Last week we learned about the phone.  Today we get a chance to learn more about the telegraph and create messages using Morse Code! Click here to learn more! Morse Code Alphabet!

Day 11:  What’s it Wednesday: You are the Curator Part 2:  Today we look at how curators tell a story with their artifacts. Click here to learn how to set up your own museum!

Day 12:  Throwback Thursday:  History Detectives: Clothing!:  Find out how Curators solve history mysteries through clues found in everyday items and have a chance to use your creativity! Click here to become a History Detective!