Reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Lathrop House, July 4, 2020

The annual July 4th reading of the Declaration of Independence on the grounds of the Lathrop House has become a cherished Sylvania tradition. The call of our founders has extra meaning in the space where so many brave men and women continued to fight for their freedom and the freedom of others long after Thomas Jefferson first penned “All men are created equal”. This year due to the ongoing pandemic, our reading is done virtually.

We invite you to listen again to the words read this year by the volunteers who share the story of the Lathrop House each year to our guests.

We invite you to visit us when we reopen to learn more about the struggle as we the people continue to create a more perfect union.  We are grateful to The Creative Block, Sylvania for their essential help in putting together this video.

Click here to watch our video

We wish you a happy and safe Independence Day!