Hi and Welcome to Camp AH-HA where At Home History Adventures begin!

It’s summer but that doesn’t mean the fun has to stop!  We are creating activity packets with fun and games that you can download and do at home.  And read below to catch up on all our Camp AH-HA projects


Summer Activity Booklet #1:  One Room School!  Click here to download!

Summer Activity Booklet #2: Log Homes!  Click here to download!

Summer Activity Booklet #3:  The Railroad!   Click here to download!

Summer Activity Booklet #4:  Communication! Click here to download!

Note to parents/at home instructors:  There are no wrong ways to do any of our projects.  The process is part of the fun!  Your projects may not look like anyone else’s but the experience together will be where the learning takes place.

 Day 1: Family Tree Project:  Because each family is unique and different.  Celebrate what makes your family special and create your own family tree! Click here for full instructions!

Day 2: What’s It Wednesday: Artifacts:  Did you know things around us every day can tell a Story?  Click here for our new post!

Day 3:  Throwback Thursday:  Let’s make a log cabin! Click here for more info!

Day 4:  Foodie Friday:  Better Butter: The fun, history and science of butter making you can do at home! Click here for the scoop!

Day 5:  Make-it Monday: Old-Fashioned Games:  Let’s make some fun! Click here for make at home fun!

Day 6:  Tech-Tuesday: The Phone Game: We switched it up today. Click here to open our Facebook Page and See Camp Counselor Sarah in Action

Day 7: What’s It Wednesday: You’re a Curator!:  You get to step into our shoes and create your own museum! Click here to find out how!

Day 8: Throwback Thursday: Celebrating Sylvania’s Own Lathrop House:  You will learn a bit of history behind Sylvania’s Lathrop House and the important role it played in the Underground Railroad. Click here to learn more about the Lathrop House We have bonus puzzles today:  Be sure not to peak at the answer sheets before trying your best! word search; lathrop house crossword; word search answers; Lathrop House answer key;  And finally a reading list! Click here for a list of books for students of all ages

Day 9: It’s Food Friday!  Today Camp Counselor Sarah shows us how to make noodles.   Click here for a link to the video on our Facebook page!

Day 10:  Make It Monday: Native American Musical Instruments: Today we learn a bit about Eastern Woodland musical instruments and challenge you to make your own musical instruments at home! Click here to start your musical adventure!

Day 10:  Tech Tuesday: The Telegraph!:  Last week we learned about the phone.  Today we get a chance to learn more about the telegraph and create messages using Morse Code! Click here to learn more! Morse Code Alphabet!

Day 11:  What’s it Wednesday: You are the Curator Part 2:  Today we look at how curators tell a story with their artifacts. Click here to learn how to set up your own museum!

Day 12:  Throwback Thursday:  History Detectives: Clothing!:  Find out how Curators solve history mysteries through clues found in everyday items and have a chance to use your creativity! Click here to become a History Detective!

Day 13:  Food Friday:  Popcorn!:  Counselor Sarah is in the kitchen again, this time to show us how to make popcorn without a microwave!  Click here to see Sarah’s Facebook Video   Click here to see the recipe

Day 14:  Make it Monday: Time Capsule!  We are living in historic times and a time capsule is a fun and easy way to preserve today for the future! Click here to make your own time capsule!

Day 15: Tech Tuesday:  Write a letter!:  Did you know that before modern technology like email and texts and Facetime, people wrote letters and made card to mail? Click here to start your letter writing adventure!

Day 16: What’s it Wednesday:  Check out our Facebook page and see if you know what our mystery item is!Click here for our mystery artifact!

Day 17:  Throwback Thursday:  Recess Games:  Have fun outside with these 19th century games! Click here for Outdoor fun!

Day 18:  Food Friday:  Family Recipes:  We celebrate our family history through food! Click here to get started with a new family recipe!

Day 19:  Make it Monday: Trade Signs!  Today we learn about how businesses in the past promoted their shops and you get a chance to create your own trade sign! Click here to learn more  

Click here to download and print your trade sign sheet!

Day 20:  Tech Tuesday: Maritime Communication:  We are excited to welcome our partners at the National Museum of the Great Lakes for today’s Tech Tuesday.  They are helping us learn about Maritime Communication. Click here to get started!   To learn more fun Maritime Activities check out the National Museum of the Great Lakes Kid Zone!

Day 21:  What’s It Wednesday!:  Artifact Challenge:  Can you guess what our challenge mystery object is?  Click here to see our Facebook page and post your guess. You could win a glow in the dark Camp AH-HA flying disc.

Day 22:  Throwback Thursday: Dr. Cooke’s Office:  Today we celebrate the brave first responders, doctors and nurses who are taking care of us by looking back at our own special Dr. Cooke.  Check out this virtual tour of his office!

Day 23:  Food Friday:  We love pie!:  Pie is one of our favorite desserts.  Did you know it has been around for thousands of years? Click here to learn more about pie and find Camp Counselor Sarah’s recipe!

Day 24: Make-It Monday: Cooper:  Did you take a look at our Facebook page?  Did you guess what Coopers made? Click here to learn more about the Cooper

Day 25:  Tech Tuesday: How do trains stay on the tracks?  Do you love trains?  We do!  Click here to head over to our Facebook page for a cool experiment you can do at home about trains!

Day 26:  Earth Day special edition of What’s It Wednesday!:  Today’s challenge is related to Earth Day AND artifacts!  Click here to go to our Facebook page and take part in our contest for a chance to win a tote bag!

Day 27: Throwback Thursday: Museum Your Way:  Help us prepare for the future but documenting today. Click here to see how you can be a part of our exhibit

Day 28: Food Friday: Cast Iron Two Truths and a lie:  Did you know that cast iron cookware has been used for hundreds of years?  Click here to go to our Facebook page and try out our challenge!

Day 29:  Make It Monday: Journaling:  Did you know journaling is a great way to make and preserve history? Click here to start your journal adventure!

Day 30:  Tech Tuesday: Architecture:  Did you know your house is a great example of technology?  You can explore history on your next walk through your neighborhood. Click here for a fun Bingo Game you can play with your family on your next outdoor walk!

Day 31:  What’s It Wednesday!  We’ve talked a lot about artifacts and how sometimes we have to guess what things are.  Go on over to our Facebook page and try your hand at guessing what today’s artifact is.  Hint:  It had us stumped for a long time! Click here to go to our Facebook page!

Day 32: Throwback Thursday: Celebrating African American Soldiers in the Civil War:  Did you know that African American soldiers played an important role in the Civil War including one regiment with its origins in Ohio? Click here to learn more


Day 35:  We celebrate Teachers!  Nominate your favorite teacher! Click here to go to our Facebook page to learn more!

Day 36: Make it Monday: A Native American Garden:  Did you know you can make a Native American Garden at your own home?  Click here to find out more!

Day 37: Tech Tuesday- Food Preservation!  Did you know you can thank science for all the containers and packages of food you have in your house?  We look at food preservation today. Click here to learn more and a fun science experiment you can do at home!

Day 38: It’s What’s It Wednesday:  Can you guess what today’s mystery item is?  Click here to guess . Hint, it’s not a garlic press!

Day 39:  Throw Back Thursday:  Take a Tour of the Butler’s Pantry:  Following this week’s food theme  take a tour of our Butler’s Pantry at the Cooke/Kuhlman Home!  Click here to visit our Facebook page for more

Day 40:  Make It Monday – Rock Candy Science:  Did you know Rock Candy is a fun science experiment that you can eat?  Click here to find out how!

Day 41 Tech Tuesday: Simple Machines:  Did you know you can find machines all over your house – especially simple ones!  Check out our Facebook page for more! and play Simple Machine Bingo.  Print off SimpleMachinesBingo card and see how many of these Simple Machines you have around your house.  Can you get a Bingo?